The latest YP group in Wisonsin’s “New North”, we are team of vibrant, fun, and forward thinking young professionals creating opportunities for success in our small, quasi-rural, communities.

Our lives are not about job security, mindless hashtagging, and stashing a 401k. Instead, we’ve challenged the odds and chosen to work and live here because quality of life means something to us. We know change is possible, and that we can make a difference. Because we care more about living and working with intent, and actually enjoying life, than just going through it with a high paying salary.

Although corn, peas and dairy seem to surround us left and right (with the sporadic Amish buggy thrown into the mix), each one of our pocket cities has successful businesses and young professionals who share our vision. Connecting, socializing and volunteering always leads to personal and professional growth (and occasionally to some lame fun outing that you get sucked into and will eventually regret doing).

It’s time. Join us and have your mind blown away by how much we can accomplish together.